Scan for Microsoft Free Fix
Scan Your PC for Errors
Fix & Repair PC errors Automatically In Less then 2 Minutes
Without Paying for Expensive Technical Support or Having to Reinstall Windows...
100% Safe & Guaranteed
Now it's as simple as pressing a button and you're on your way to a cleaner, faster and error-free PC...
no matter how bad your computer problems are!
Do you have 2 minutes?
That's all it takes. 2 Minutes.
To Scan Your PC for Errors. To optimize the performance of your computer. To change your PC from problematic to fast, clean and error free . To transform your current situation so that you no longer feel stressed, angry and struggling to get your PC working. And so that you avoid following the masses of people who are suffering daily from irritating Microsoft Free Fix, data loss, time wasting reinstalls of windows or even worsepaying for expensive technical support every time an error occurs.
Proven Breakthrough Software Proven By Thousands Must Work For You!
Let me explain! I don't care how well or bad you think your computer is running right now! I know your computer can operate 10 to 20 TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU REALIZE TODAY! I believe that your PC is working at only a tiny fraction of its true capability today because you simply don't know the right way to optimize it! Because you don't know the right way to fix the most common and annoying errors that are plaguing your system right now and any other frustrating issues your PC is displaying.

But it's not your fault!
Thousands of people like you suffer from the following symptoms

  Does Your PC Have These Signs and Symptoms?
Microsoft Free Fix- Error Scan Pro Can Solve All Your PC Problems
Painfully Slow Performance
Invalid Registry Keys
Unnecessary files and space usage
DLL Errors and Exe Errors
Corrupted desktop and shortcuts
Windows Memory and Process troubles
Privacy issues, temp files and history
Blue Screen and Black Screen Errors
Sluggish Windows Boot Time
Software not uninstalling
ActiveX and Script Errors
Start-up popup screens
Registry corruption
Browsers Errors
Win32 Errors
Data loss
Software issues
Microsoft Free Fix
And much more...
Yes! Even the most stubborn errors can be fixed! These PC errors can be solved automatically - you don't have to spend hours searching online for answers, tiptoeing your way through your PC's registry hoping that you don't trip and cause even worse issues or finally giving up and pay a technician every time. The secret of a super-optimized, error-free computer is as simple as pressing a button! Error Scan Pro can do it for you in as little as 2 minutes! And we are willing to prove it to you without you risking a penny! Here's how...
Would You Invest 2 Minutes of Your Time To Transform Your PC?
All we ask from you is this. Let us send you - at our risk - one of the most powerful pieces of software you have ever used. When you have downloaded it, give this software your un-interrupted attention. And then get ready to watch it solve your problems automatically! Go ahead do it now, let us prove to you how fast and easy it is.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3

Download Microsoft Free Fix scan
Click here to start download and install
Scan Microsoft Free Fix
Run Error Scan Pro and click "Start Scan"
Fix Microsoft Free Fix
Click "Fix All" to automatically repair errors and super-optimize your PC's performance
  Here's What You Error Pro Scan Will Do For You Today!
Clean and repair the registry
System scan and error report
Duplicate file finder
Process manager
Disk defragmentation
Restore point manager
Manager browser helper objects
Privacy cleaner
Windows startup manager
Disk optimization and file cleaner
File extension manager
Remove malware processes
Total PC diagnosis and resolution
by our real live technician
(Licensed edition*)
Fully dedicated customer support
*Note: We provide you with a trial. A licensed edition is $29.95 and you will be able to upgrade at any time within the software by clicking register. The total pc diagnosis allows you to scan your computer in one click and send our technician a report. In as little as 24 hours our technician will repair your PC through simple additional free software or simple step by step instructions. (Everything from finding and removing viruses, updating drivers, installing and removing programs, OS conflicts, updating software programs like I.E, Firefox and settings to PC rollbacks, bios updates and remote PC help is included.)
Try it Entirely at Our Risk
We believe this software is revolutionary - because it proves, once and for all, that you and other PC users don't have to suffer from frustrating errors, sluggish performance, reinstalling windows or paying for costly technical support... It can be fixed at the press of a button - automatically!
Try it completely FREE and then purchase a one year licence for only $29.95
In fact, we are so convinced that you will love how simple (yet highly effective) this software is that we want to remove all road blocks and obstacles that are standing in your way with our risk free...
"No Errors - No Hassles 60 Day Money Back Guarantee"
This is how it works:
First, try for yourself the software I have described in the message above! See for yourself the almost-unbelievable results in the very first 2 minutes of using it! And then, continue to use it anytime issues arise through regular computer use. If this software doesn't do everything I say... if it doesn't repair your PC errors, optimize and boost your performance - no matter how bad your PC is today - then simply contact us for every cent of your
money back within a full 60 days! , You have nothing to lose! Act TODAY!
What You Should Do Now
Go ahead, click download now to instantly get Error Scan Pro. Perform a free scan and you can begin to enjoy an error free, high performance and more enjoyable PC in the next 2 minutes.
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